4/14/2018SaturdayLive Music: Shake Rattle & Roll Dualing Pianos8pm
4/21/2017SaturdayLive Music: Either Way8pm
4/28/2018SaturdayLive Music: Loud n Klear8pm
5/5/2018SaturdayMardi Gras & Kentucky Derby12pm - 10pm
5/5/2017SaturdayLive Music: Usual Suspects8pm
5/12/2018SaturdayLive Music: DJ A-Drop8pm
5/19/2018SaturdayLive Music: Donkey Punch8pm
5/26/2018SaturdayLive Music: Derek CriderTBD
5/28/2018MondayMEMORIAL DAY 
6/2/2018SaturdayLive Music: Secret Service8pm
6/6/2018WednesdayCelebrity Bartender: TBD7-9pm
6/9/2018SaturdayLive Music: Five Times Famous8pm
6/13/2018WednesdayCelebrity Bartender: TBD7-9pm
6/15/2018FridayLive Music: Soul Patch Philly8pm
6/20/2018WednesdayCelebrity Bartender: TBD7-9pm
6/23/2018SaturdayLive Music: Keep the Change Band8pm
6/23/2018SaturdayBlessing of the Boats by Father Jon of Our Lady Star of the Sea Church (Rain Date June 30)11am-12pm
6/27/2018WednesdayCelebrity Bartender: TBD7-9pm
6/30/2018SaturdayLive Music: Usual Suspects9pm
7/4/2018WednesdayJULY 4TH 
7/7/2018SaturdayLive Music: Nashville recording artist Brian McConnell - Sunset gig!!4:30pm
7/14/2018SaturdayLive Music: Soul Patch Philly9pm
7/21/2018SaturdayLive Music: Modern Mojo9pm
7/28/2018SaturdayLive Music: Usual Suspects9pm
8/4/2018SaturdayLive Music: Music by Dino Cavaliri9pm
8/11/2018SaturdayLive Music: No Pressure9pm
8/18/2018SaturdayLive Music: Nashville recording artist Brian McConnell - Sunset gig!!4:30pm
8/25/2018SaturdayLive Music: Either Way9pm
9/1/2018SaturdayLive Music: Soul Patch Philly9pm
9/3/2018MondayLABOR DAY 
9/8/2018SaturdayLive Music: Five Times Famous8pm
9/15/2018SaturdayLive Music: Motts Creek Pickers8pm
9/22/2018SaturdayLive Music: Usual Suspects9pm
10/6/2018SaturdayLive Music: Motts Creek Pickers8pm
10/13/2018SaturdayLive Music: TBD8pm
10/20/2018SaturdayLive Music: TBD8pm
10/27/2018SaturdayLive Music: TBD8pm
11/3/2018SaturdayLive Music: TBDs8pm
11/10/2018SaturdayLive Music: Modern Mojo8pm
11/17/2018SaturdayLive Music: Ken Shiles & Ci Bon8pm
11/24/2018SaturdayLive Music: TBD8pm
11/28/2018SaturdayLive Music: Usual Suspects8pm
12/1/2018SaturdayLive Music:TBD8pm

Black = Event
Red = Music
Green = DJ
Blue = Beer/Liquor promo